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What is Touchstone?
The only subject line tool that predicts the results of your email campaigns
before you hit send.

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Are the results reliable?
Using an online panel, we compiled a database of open rates for the 250 largest US senders. Then, using Touchstone, we were able to predict open rate performance to within
1-2% of the actual open rates.

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How does it work?
Touchstone uses a proprietary algorithm to instantly predict the open, click and bounce rates of a given subject line by studying the past performance of similar lines.

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Why will Touchstone replace A/B split testing?

Number of subject lines 2 100+
Number of emails 

Your database:
10k-20 million

Our database + yours: 
1.6 billion and growing

Cost per test $100+


Time to set up test 15 minutes - 1 hour 30 seconds
Time for results 2 hours - 1 week Instant
Lost revenue/conversion Variance with losing test None
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Sign up now for FREE and upload your email campaign data. See instantly how your next subject line will perform compared to your previous emails. Get simple tips for improving open, click and delivery success rates. Compare your data against our entire email database of over 21billion emails. Benchmark subject lines against trends in your industry or sector.

Plans and prices

  Free One-day Unlimited Single Seat
5 Seat Licence
Price $0 $19.99 $99  Monthly $399  Monthly
Upload your campaign data Optional Optional Optional Optional
Unlimited searches on your own data Yes if campaign data uploaded Yes if campaign data uploaded Yes if campaign data uploaded Yes if campaign data uploaded
Access to Touchstone database Pay as you go (6 free searches per month) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Accounts 1 1 1 5
Filter by sector Yes Yes Yes Yes
Full reporting dashboard Yes Yes Yes Yes
Technical support No No Yes Yes
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